Boston – Ready or Not Here We Come!

All the planning and preparation is over.  It’s time to pack and make our way to Boston for the annual GreenBuild conference.  I am almost giddy with anticipation.  Last year was overwhelming and uplifting.  This year promises to be no less.

I just got the “official” email from USGBC concerning the conference shuttle bus to and from the registered hotels and the convention center.  While there will be a limited conference shuttle from selected hotels, USGBC is encouragingthe use of the T.   If I have learned only one thing, it is this….. when certain words are used, like encouraged, by big corporate type entities, then translate that as just do it.  They can probably see the shuttles are not going to be enough to move us all efficiently. 


on foot in Chicago

This is a huge step forward from last year.  Chicago planners were not ready for moving 25,000+ attendees to the McCormick Convention Center last year – at least not at my very nice hotel.  If they were they just didn’t communicate it very well.  Taxis are king in that city.   I ended up staying at the same hotel where Oprah puts her guests… extremely nice, pricey and somewhat out of the green loop. (It was about the only place left by the time I was able to book a room)  The first night before and morning of the convention I felt very isolated and alone in the crowd.  By the end of the 1st day, I got in the groove and found other conference goers and a shuttle bus stop just  a few blocks away.

tBack to Boston, a little research on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s website (aka MBTA…… aka T) turned up the deal of the week.  Since we are staying through the weekend to do a little sightseeing, the week linkpass is a deal.  There is a also a handy route planner for figuring out the best way to the convention center.  It’s a reasonably price, it’s public transportation (great way to reduce your carbon footprint in Boston) and you get to mingle with the locals for a few days – win, win!

Day/Week LinkPass $9.00 for 1 day
$15.00 for 7 days

Unlimited travel on Subway, Local Bus, Inner Harbor Ferry, and Commuter Rail Zone 1A.
7-Day Pass valid for 7 days from the date and time of purchase.

One of the cool new features available this year is the expo floor plan map.  Yes of course there were floor plan maps in the past but this year it is interactive.  You can register and check off the vendors you wish to visit and it will produce a floor plan with your picks outlined.  For an ultra planner like me this is neat stuff.  I don’t want to miss any of my favorite vendors, so I can see what new stuff they have brought along.  Of course let’s not forget all the cool new stuff yet to be seen.

I think I am ready for Boston.  I hope it is ready for me.  


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