GreenBuild Expo 2008 – Sustainable Products

In keeping up with some of the other green blogs I read, I have noticed that most all of them have commented on great products at the recent GreenBuild Expo.  Here are some that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

Kim's View of Embody Chair

Kim's view


Matt's View

First, let me say what a wonderful display of all things green.  The Expo was vast and diverse.   Because my company had some extra “giveaway” expo tickets Matt was able to get in on the expo as well.  We didn’t get much time on the floor together, so we looked at products with very different points of view.  Mine being an architect and his a product design engineer.  It was great fun to compare our pictures and see the different points of view.  Herman Miller’s Embody chair for example.  I was interested in the fabric and the design of the back and Matt while also interested in the design of the back, he was just looking at it from a different point of view, literally.  He is always interested in how it goes together and is produced.  My point is that no matter who you are and what you do there is something for everyone at the Expo shows.

Another of the cool green products I got to view, was the Bushman rain barrel/tankbushman-tankI like that these are flat backed and fit snugly against the side of your house.  I am still trying to figure out when and where I can buy one of these for my home.  They are an Australian company and just making their way into the US and Canadian marketplace.  The nice guys at GreenBuild did say that they would be sold in the Atlanta area through Pike Nurseries (a great place to dig in the dirt).


The Annapolis Bollard is solar powered and pictured on the right.  This is a great innovation towards safety off the grid.  Just image the places this could serve up a nice soft light to keep us safe in dark areas….. ANYWHERE.  That to me is super cool.  The crystalline solar receivers are on the top of the unit.  Just 4 hours of sunlight during the day keeps the bollard fully lit.  The use of LEDs help bright the light while using a small amount of the stored power.  I just think this is a wonderful product with limitless applications.  Check out the video.

3form3Form makes a great product called Wovin Wall.  The color palette is derived from over 50,000 colors.  The wall is expandable.  It is made from ecoresin™ with 40% post-industrial recycled content. In person I thought this was one of the best uses of the color green.  I could go on about the cliche of the color green and perhaps I will in another post.  I saw the wall from across the aisle and just wanted to get over there to see it up close.  Strong vibrant 3 dimensional color and it contributes to LEED credits.

This is just barely scratching the surface of the Expo.  If you get the chance to visit GreenBuild next year, they are heading to Phoenix and it will most certainly be bigger than this year. 

One last comment and a thought, the organization of the products was a good idea.  Having similar products in close proximity to each other helped me strategize my visits.  Now for the thought, vendors do your best to minimize the amount of paper you hand out during the expo for several reasons.  First – it is GreenBuild and those are trees.  Second – I am obligated to carry all of those fliers home and I rarely underpack.  My suitcase is usually right on the border of being over the 50 lb. limit. I did see one smart conventioneer simply write down everything he wanted to see when he got back home.  He only had a few sheets of paper to get home with him.  I think he had the true spirit of the event in mind.

I will leave you with a panorama from the midway catwalk.  You are only seeing half of the vendors and products from Greenbuild Boston.expo-pan2


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