The Sustainable Christmas Tree

studio-treeWhen the intraoffice challenge came down this year to decorate our studio the creative juices got going.  One of the architects in our studio had these leftover fabric samples and one idea led to another and before you knew it we had a sustainable Christmas tree.  The structure was constructed out of fishing line and secured to a piece of foam core that was diverted from the trash.  The fabric samples where then clipped on the fishing line to create the form.  A little shredded paper for the ring o’ snow and we were done.

misfitIn other studios they were busy making toys, land of the misfit toys to be exact.  There seems to be equal time for coke and pepsi on this flight. Other studios were recycling decorations of years past for festive redos.  Overall the entire department kept sustainability and creativity in mind for the Holidays.

fresca-treeOne other honorable mention outside of the workplace is this creative 16 foot high Christmas Tree made out of 900 Fresca bottles.  I failed miserably at drive by night photography.  But this is a cool reuse of empty drink bottles.  The whole tree is lit from underneath with one big spot light that shines up through the green plastic, creating a nice grinchlike glow.   If you are in the oak grove area of Roanoke drive down Bridle Lane for a glimpse.



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