Green Ears at Disney

So here I am a Sketchup using, Autocad drawing, Revit Modeling architect in the middle of SolidWorks World 2009 at Disney, what the heck?  I am here with Matt using up some vacation time and soaking up some sun.  While Matt has been busy maintaining his rock star status, I have been off on my own being a kid again.  Of course I have noticed lots of sustainable efforts and non-efforts here at Disney.  The sustainable message is coming through loud and clear at most Disney parks and hotels.  Over the next few days I will be looking at some of their sustainable features.


So let’s start with the basics.  We are staying at the Dolphin with in recycling-bagthe Epcot Resorts.  The sustainability of the hotel is pretty good.  They offer the usual linen reuse.  But a new feature I haven’t seen before is in room recycling.  Two bags are left for use to utilize: paper for newspapers and a small plastic one for cans and recycling-cartbottles.


Transportation is provided throughout the entire Disney complex.  We parked the car when we arrived and it is doubtful that we will move it until we leave.  Walking paths are everywhere.  Water Taxis go to Epcot, the Boardwalk, and Hollywood Studios.  Efficient clean air buses go everywhere.  The quiet monorail still runs between Epcot and Disney.  Moving masses efficiently and cleanly is important to Disney and they are successful at it.


One note on recycling that strikes me, the hotels and all the parks have recycling available.  Although it is more prevalent at the newer parks, there are fewer recycling opportunities at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.  It takes space to recycle and good planning in the newer parks has allowed for that.


I image it takes a huge effort for a big machine like Disney to move into a sustainable mind set but I do believe that they are doing some of the things right.  I will be added more posts in the days ahead about some of the in depth things I see.  So when you head to Disney put your green ears on and have a magical day.


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