Disney Double talk – The Circle of Life

Up to this point I have been pretty happy with the sustainable side of Disney, but like most big companies there is always double talking greenwash.   Unfortunately, this one is aimed at the kids, who will totally buy into the continual stream of happy happy that Disney serves.

In the corner of the Epcot’s Land Pavilion, there is an attraction called The Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable.  This is in the mid sized Harvest Theater.  It is an “educational” film geared to the kids but tolerable for adults.  Timon and Pumbaa are attempting to develop the untamed wild to make a lake side village.  They first dam up the river to create their lake.  Simba steps in and shows the two the error of their ways and saves the day for all the dehydrating wildlife downstream.  Nice story…….. Come on!  Seriously

disney-parkingNo one has dumped more concrete and asphalt into the wilds of Florida than Disney.  They have developed acres upon acres of swamp land.  Ask yourself this, what happened to all of that wildlife.  I know Disney is making tremendous strides in sustainable practices and their wildlife conservation and is stupendous, they are to be applauded for these efforts.  But please don’t tell these kids (aka future developers of the world)  that the exact same thing that you have done is bad for the rest of the world.

Perhaps the story could be better presented on how to build a sustainable lakeside village?  I am sure that the imagineers would be able to craft a sustainable story that wouldn’t be so hypocritical.  Or perhaps an in-depth look on the changes that a developing Disney has made on its environment.

I could not have had a better time while I was at Disney.  I am glad that there are places in the world like this.  But for me, this show was a veiled attempt at green brainwashing in order to secure the future Disney has a bit less competition in the world. 

If you have bought tickets to Disney or paid for a meal at one of their parks you will quickly understand that at Disney it is all about the money.  Disney does not do anything that won’t be profitable for them in some way, either directly or through warm fuzzy feelings.  As one very nice quick witted older man noted as he exited another ride into a gift shop,   …..”ahhh more shopping.  Just watch your money leave your wallet…. It’s Magical!”


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