Flights of Wonder


I want to leave my Disney experience on a good note, so I saved this post for the last.  It has been a few weeks since our visit and this one show keeps coming back in my memory.  After a few thrilling rides on Animal Kingdom’s Everest Expedition.  I stumbled upon the Flights of Wonder exotic bird show.  When at the Animal Kingdom, I strongly recommend that you make the effort to see this show.  The show itself is well done with a strong sustainable message.  It is all held in a shaded caravan styled theater.  The birds are the stars with two human hosts doing the translations for us.

Disney has some pretty impressive bird conservation programs that have restored bird populations to many parts of the world.  Their release programs have been going on for the past decade have made a difference in several endangered and threatened species.

Some of the birds in the show included:


  • Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
  • American Bald Eagle
  • Augur Buzzard
  • Barbary Falcon
  • Eurasian Eagle Owl
  • Gray-Crowned Crane
  • Harris Hawk
  • Ibis
  • Indian Runner Ducks
  • Macaw
  • Pigeon
  • Seriema
  • Toco Toucan
  • Yellow-napped Amazon Parrot

flight-of-wonder-showTo see these birds up close and personal is amazing on it own merit, but to actually learn a little about the birds along the way enriches the experience to a new level of appreciation.  Here are just a few of the things I learned from the show…

  • Littering is one of the top causes of bird death in the US.  What may only be a can or a piece of trash on the side of the road to us is a shiny object to a bird.  When they come down to the roadside to investigate, they are often killed by cars.  I am amazed that people would continue to toss trash instead of disposing of it in a proper place. 
  • Eagles are now off the endangered species list.  Thanks to many groups, not only Disney, that have restored our nation’s symbol to healthy population levels in the wild.
  • The more you duck the lower they swoop.  Yes, you can expect them to fly over you for parts of the show.
  • crane2Cranes are a natural barometer of a river’s health.  Because their food directly comes from the river, numbers of cranes are a good way of determining the health of rivers.  If the river is sick the cranes move on.

Birds are an important part of the eco-system.  Do all you can to protect their habitats.  

Check out the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, they do good stuff and go hand in hand with Animal Kingdom.


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