LEED 2009 Comparision

Have you had the opportunity to use the new rating systems yet?  I have.  Because so many of our jobs start in one year and actually get notice to proceed in another, I suspect this will be a regular occurrence for a few projects to come. The differences can be summed up briefly but the details hold the most changes.

Water, Regionality and Tiered Points changes. Water was the victim of it own success.  Water fixture manufacturers are to be congratulated in this category.  Basically, the products are saving so much that we were all getting the maximum credits through water efficiency.  So the new rating system ups the ante.  All the percentages have been increased by 10%.

Regionality is a cool concept that I just now understand.  I wish they had just called it Regional Bonus credits because that is exactly what it is.  Bonus credits/Extra points for credits that you are already achieving but that are just regionally important.  That is cool.  Know these going into your LEED design charettes and help guide the credits to these few for extra credit.


Greater tiering of the points is the biggest change in my book.  It does several things… align the credits for better point distribution.  This makes it more fair – economically and effort wise.  Also within the some of the credits tiering is now making the credit more user friendly by allowing a lower entry point.  Optimized energy and on site renewable for example.  Check them out.

Here is a chart I created for a tangible look at the points.  LEED 2009 is on a 100 point s scale but just like the cool teachers in high school there is a chance for extra credit bonus points. So for that purpose, this chart is on a 110 point scale.  Feel free to copy it and use it.  Mainly it demonstrates the higher bar that is LEED 2009.


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