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Solar Decathalon 2009

cornellYesterday, Matt and I visited the solar decathlon on the mall in DC that is hosted by the Dept of Energy.  It was by chance that we got the opportunity to attend.  It was a gloomy drizzling rain kinda day, but that did not seem to deter the enthusiasm or crowds.  There are twenty teams competing for many different prizes.

The site is perfect for the set up.  Due to transportation limitations and construction times, the houses tend to be long and narrow.  This year not all were though.   I appreciated the round rods of the Cornel Silo house.  (They were really thinking outside the box, sorry too tempting.)  The teams have a week to construct their house on site, so pre-building as much as possible is a must.  By the looks of the group only one team appeared to have run out of time.

vt to momument

What I took away…… is that no one team seemed to have all the answers.  There are many ways to achieve sustainability in houses.  Bits and pieces from all the houses will benefit the general population in years to come.  Also that the interest in a sustainable future is strong and as popular as ever.

Be sure to check out the link above.  You can view the virtual tours and vote on your favorite.