Sweaty Trigger Finger

This came to mind today when a colleague wrote and just needed to be talked off the ledge a bit.  She was about to hit the submit button to GBCI for the project she represents.  This is not the first time I have heard of LEED Coordinators being apprehensive about the actual submission.  Think about it we spend a long time watching over our respective projects.  Organizing, neurturing, team building and then if finally comes down to one last push.

Why are we so apprehensive about pushing the button that we have worked towards for so long?  Is it the moment of truth?  hero or villain? Perhaps it is because now the finger pointing can begin and it usually points toward the one that leads.  Whatever the reason, the honest truth is that after so much talking and preparation it is hard to face the truth.  Some credits will succeed and some will fail; even ones that you are 100% sure will sail through. Regardless someone must push the button.  So LEED Coordinators my best advice is buck up and hit the button!


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