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Green Schools Challenge

USGBC SWVA (US Green Building Council Southwest Virginia chapter) is hosting a green schools challenge.  The momentum has been building since the kick off last fall.  We have schools

throughout the region paired with mentors in the community all taking part in a living sustainable science fair.  As details begin to come in it is exciting to see and hear about the great sustainable work beginning done by our local students.  From the beginning USGBC recognized that instilling sustainable habits in children did two things: bubbled up to the parents and trickled down to the next generation of community leaders.  This is a win win strategy that will have long-term beneficial effects.

Just think about recycling.  Twelve years ago (1999) it wasn’t what I would call a common practice, at least not around here.  Those first graders are graduating now and just imagine where we will be in the next twelve or even twenty-four years as the next generations of little recyclers graduate.  If you don’t think that is a big deal, just ask communities like Lexington, Va.  Their landfill is about to close.

So keep your eye on our website for all the latest updates across the great state of Virginia.


Shades of Green


Kicking off the new blog with lots of sustainable ideas floating around my head.  As I move through my typical day, I see things green and things that should be greener, here is where I will present them to you and hopefully have some discussions.  Here is somewhere between yellow and blue – no matter what shade of green you happen to participate in, I hope you will find useful information to make your world a bit more sustainable.

I gets lots of emails everyday with great sustainable ideas and products.  Filtering through these ideas is somewhat like drinking from the green fire hose.  Hopefully we can drill down through some of these things and get to information that you and I can make most useful.

To get this site kicked off I will be posting some recent popular entries from my personal blog.  I found that some of the good green information was getting lost on my personal blog so they will find a new home here.

As I get ready for GreenBuild 2008 in Boston, I will try posting from the convention and keep you involved along the way.  Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know how your green thing is going.